The Hackathon will take place: 

4:00 pm on February 24th to 5:00 pm on February 26th (Friday-Sunday). Here's an overview of the three days:

Day 1: Kick-off + brainstorming

Day 2: Continue fleshing out/workshopping ideas

Day 3: Finalize project + judging

Project and Submission Requirements

Teams must be 4 or less students. Submissions will be judged through a 5-minute zoom presentation. Teams will present their prototype during the presentation, describing their solution and demonstrating their prototype. Teams also must create a dev post submission outlining their solution and considerations while building their product.


Prizes are to be announced during the kickoff!

Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

You must be a WashU Student to compete and be eligible for a prize!

The judging will be based on 4 main criteria: Solution (how effective is the solution?), User (how is the end user defined and how does this product help them?), Actionability+Growth (how can this product be scaled and how strong is the prototype?), and Innovation (why is this app unique and innovative?).