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InSite x ACM x Skandalaris No-Code Hackathon

No-Code platforms have become increasingly important and viable in our modern technological age. This hackathon is focusing on increasing the visibility of No-Code platforms and providing a platform for people to make a useful tool that fulfills one of the predefined tracks. Compete in teams of up to four people to win prizes based on the theme of making a positive impact. You can create your own groups, or we can help you form one on the day of. Free food will be provided on all days, and NO experience is necessary. This event is open to all WashU students!


*While the event is 3 days, it is NOT mandatory for you to attend all three days. You are welcome to join us on whatever days your schedule permits! You just have to submit by the Day 3 deadline time that will be announced during the event. 

More information can be found here: https://skandalaris.wustl.edu/event/2023/02/03/insite-x-acm-x-skandalaris-hackathon/


What to Build

A mobile app!

What to Submit

Slides outlining your brainstorming and prototyping process, along with the final product of the mobile app. Make sure to include your considerations while building the app, such as target audience, reach, the rationale behind features, etc. This will be shown in the final pitch of your product over zoom. Your process and the design considerations while making your final product should also be summarized in the dev post submission.

Hackathon Sponsors


$360 in prizes

Gift Cards

The prizes below are for each member of the winning teams. Given a group of 4, the winning team can win a potential $200 in prizes.

1st overall: $50 for each member
2nd overall: $25 for each member
3rd overall: $15 for each member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Phillip Kim

Phillip Kim

Judging Criteria

  • Solution
    How much potential for social impact does the solution have? How well does the solution address the problem it seeks to solve? How well does the prototype serve as an effective proof of concept?
  • User
    Is the user well-defined? Will the user adopt the solution?
  • Actionability and Growth
    Ease of testing/Prototyping? Ability to scale? Effectiveness of future potential funds (be creative!)
  • Innovation
    Why now? Demonstrates how the idea is unique/different

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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